Protect Your Investment

The following is a post from a few years ago on our old blog.    Since we are nearing our dry season, I thought it would be a good re-run!

In our neck of the woods, we often go for months without measurable rain.   Driving around the Valley, it appears that lots of people have just thrown their arms in the air in surrender.    Now is the time to water smart!

  • To get more water to the plants and lose less to evaporation, water in the morning or evening.
  • Water less frequently but for a longer period of time.   This will encourage your roots to grow deeper and allow the plant to go longer between irrigations.
  • Remember that your trees need more water than the surrounding lawn.    By more, I don’t mean more frequent, I mean more gallons per irrigation.

You have a lot invested in your trees – both in both time and in $$$.   Protect that investment!

I have a couple of pictures I want to share to show you how very vital proper irrigation is to your trees.   Both of these show trees that were part of the same installation – in the same parking lot

Parking Lot Oaks

.  The first is getting ample water – a nice canopy with very little die-back.    The second shows a parking lot island where they are trying to get by with the least amount of water possible.   Check out the sparse canopy and all the die-back on the branches.  Die-back in a tree is the sign of one thing:  lack of water.

Both this shots were taken the very same day.   Which one is more welcoming and looks more prosperous?

Parking Lot Trees Being Starved

Mary Beth

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