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Trees 24/7: Life Around the Tree Farm

Trees 24/7: Life Around the Tree Farm

Successfully Transplanting Texas Sabal Palms

Transplanting Texas Sabal palms can be tricky. But, it's well worth the effort. Why bother? Texas Sabals or Sabal mexicana ...
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Mountain Laurel in the Field

4 Ways to Get More Blooms on your Texas Mountain Laurels!

Just beginning to bloom! It's so disappointing when you get no (or few) blooms on your Texas Mountain Laurels!   Fear ...
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Washingtonia Palms

6 Questions for your Palm Tree Trimmer

At the end of our long summer, you may be considering having your palm trees trimmed. Whenever we see brown ...
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Cliff Date Palms

Looking for an accent palm?

If you are looking for an accent palm, you should take a look at Cliff Date Palms (aka Phoenix rupicola). ...
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