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Trees 24/7: Life Around the Tree Farm

Trees 24/7: Life Around the Tree Farm
Washingtonia palms

They put WOW in Washingtonia!

We see Washingtonia palms all over south Texas. It is by far our most common palm tree. Washingtonia filibusta are ...
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Potted trees

Protect Your Investment

The following is a post from a few years ago on our old blog.    Since we are nearing our dry ...
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Spanish Daggers - Yucca Treclueana

Spanish Dagger or Pita

Although not technically a tree, one of our favorite "trees" is Yucca trecleana, or Spanish Dagger.   This is a ...
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A beautiful residential landscape

Planting Trees

When Planting Trees, PLAN Ahead At a tree farm, we think about trees and planting trees all year long. But ...
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