2 ways to protect your roots

This lovely tree planting bed is so much more than meets the eye! These home owners took great care to protect the existing trees when they graded their new yard.

#1  Remember to keep the root flare exposed

The root flare is at the base of the tree.   It’s where the trunk flares out where it is connected to the roots.   The tree breathes through root flare so be sure to keep it exposed when planting a tree or when moving dirt around the base of your existing trees.

#2  Don’t add too much weight (with soil or paving) over the root zone.

Most roots grow in the top couple of feet of soil.   They will extend farther than the trees canopy.     A tree takes up the majority of its nutrients from the roots along the drip line (the edge of the canopy).

There is always a risk of damage or loss when changing the grade around existing trees.   But planting beds like these can help lessen that risk.

Mary Beth

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