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Trees 24/7: Life Around the Tree Farm

Trees 24/7: Life Around the Tree Farm
Leaves of a cedar elm (300 x 240)

Five great things about Cedar Elm trees

We hear a lot these days about how important native trees and plants are. Cedar Elms are one of my ...
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Pygmy date palms or phoenix roebellinii after a storm

Winter Storm Uri

What to do now Pygmy Date Palms or Phoenix roebellinii Last week we were all focused on power and water. ...
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Assessing Our Freeze Damage

Canary Dates and Pygmy Dates after the freeze Today was our first opportunity to get out in the fields and ...
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Big trees on a residential area

Why Fall is the Best Time for Tree Planting

Prime tree planting time is just around the corner. Everything resource out there agrees that Fall is the best time ...
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